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Traumatic Brain Injury

Healing from a traumatic brain injury includes taking care of your mental health.  Signs you may find therapy a helpful addition to your recovery


*Difficulty focusing



*Increased anxiety


*Feeling on edge

*Overwhelmed emotions

*Concussion symptoms lasting more than 7 days

I help people recover from the emotional impact of Traumatic brain injury. 

*sports related injuries

*military service

*first responders

*abuse or violence



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Trauma therapy

One of my areas of specialties is helping people heal from trauma.  This may be a traumatic event, abuse you have experienced, a physical trauma such as a brain injury, or loss of a loved one.  You may be feeling anxious, depressed or hopeless. You may be experiencing sleeping or eating issues. Your symptoms may be getting in the way of you living your life.  Therapy can help you navigate this painful season of life.

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Anxiety Therapy

Taking the step of asking for help requires a great deal of bravery and desire for change.  I utilize evidenced- based treatments to help you reach your goals. Many clients find Somatic approaches to be most helpful as it calms the nervous system and allows integration of the body, mind, and behavior takes place.


*Adjustment Disorder




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